Moving Force.


inerva Law takes its name from the Roman goddess of law, wisdom, strategic warfare, and the overseer of all things that required forethought and calculation. Our team of award-winning lawyers has nearly five decades of experience in family law and business litigation and is comprised of some of the best legal strategists in Southern California. We pride ourselves on being creative, solutions-oriented and good at what we do.

The mythical Minerva is said to have emerged from the head of her father, Jupiter, fully grown and clad in armor. Like its namesake, Minerva Law was founded in 2023 with its powerhouse litigation team already intact and prepared for battle. Minerva Law’s principals started their careers together at a prominent San Diego law firm more than 15 years ago, honed their skills as founding partners of successful boutique practices, and then came back together, along with their seasoned litigation teams, to create a practice that combines the best of big firm expertise with small firm attention. Minerva Law represents the alliance of one of San Diego’s top family law firms and one of its premier business litigation practices–truly a moving force.